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Did you know that an Office Massage session reduces stress by 85%?

  • 15 minutos
  • May 18


Many of the benefits of Office Massage are similar to the benefits of a full body massage at the spa, but in the comfort and convenience of your office. Massage benefits: 1. The massage is mainly given on the back, neck, shoulders and neck, areas that are usually more saturated by working at the desk. 2. In just 15 minutes, it causes immediate stress relief and general well-being. 3. The therapist adapts the massage to each person and can make a lighter or more vigorous massage depending on each person's taste, indicate the pressure that you like the most. 4. The therapist can treat and relieve pain that is bothering you on the day of the massage, just talk about it. 5. Or just get a relaxing massage and have a wonderful day at work. Office Massage Covid Free Bewell, aware of the Pandemic environment in which we find ourselves and with the utmost concern for safety among its customers and also in its team, increased the level of security and surveillance of cleaning standards during its service. So we would like to reassure you and share the current protocol: - The massage will be given in the ergonomic chair where the employee is with his back to the therapist - Both collaborator and therapist will wear a face mask (mandatory). - The entire chair will be disinfected between massages - The head of the chair will be changed with each massage and will be disinfected for 15 minutes before being used (as it is the area where the person, although wearing a mask, has their face) - The handstand will be disinfected with suitable liquid, and individual wipes will be placed for each person Please, if you have symptoms such as cough, tiredness, malaise, fever and other signs already signaled by the DGS, inform your therapist. Your health is important to us; help us take care of you!

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