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Qualitest | Psychological Support

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It will not be difficult to see that there are several daily situations where our cognitive resources and emotions are put to the test, testing our resilience and emotional regulation, forcing us to make decisions, to continue our path, to achieve goals and create new ones, to have relationships and to break them, to feel useful or to question what we are doing. All this is part of our psychological life and does not in itself require psychological help. However, it is important to realize that by feeling that we cannot solve something on our own, we can have help in this process by resorting to psychological help. It is important and urgent that the myths that for decades spoke of psychology as something only directed at an extreme public are dispelled and that it is considered that psychotherapeutic processes serve as support of various situations of daily life, without extreme labels being attributed to people under follow-up. Online Psychology consultations work in the same way as face-to-face consultation and the same deontological principles apply. In the first consultation it is important to understand why you are looking for us and what aspects of your life you want to improve. After the first consultation, a plan is drawn up to 5 sessions based on the objectives to be achieved. In the first appointment it is important to know you and which aspects of your life you want to improve. After that and in our 5 plan sessions we draw a plan to achieve the goals. Online consultations last around 60 minutes. In order to carry out your appointment, you should proceed as follows: - Book the day and time that is more convenient for you - Afterwards, you will receive a confirmations mail with the link that will connect you to the doctor - On the appointed day and time, look for a private and quiet place and enter the online session through the platform provided. - For appointment cancellations, the minimum period is 24 hours. If this deadline is not met, the consultations will be charged to Qualitest.

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